Twitter Bug allows me to increase my followers for some hours

It seems, there is a bug in twitter’s web application. The bug allows anyone to increase their followers count. This can be achieved by performing the following steps:

  1. Login with any twitter account, other than the account whose followers need to be increased.
  2. Go to the twitter account page whose followers need to be increased.         ( )
  3. Continuously click on the follow button beneath the twitter header image.

Clicking takes a lot of time, so I used the following script to generate click events.


Now, instead of doing step 3, open up the javascript console in any browser, and execute the above script.

You will see that the followers count starts increasing. The followers increase until the daily follow limit is reached.

Now you may check that account from your phone or any other browser, and the followers count would have increased.

The changes in the count stay for sometime and are not permanent, though the time varies. This maybe because the changes take place in a caching server or something.

It’s been 6 hours and my last increase in count still hasn’t reverted to the original count.

Update- The followers count reverted for me.

22 thoughts on “Twitter Bug allows me to increase my followers for some hours

  1. What happened if you actually clicked on the followings link? Did it list only one new follower, and if so, did the following count return back to it’s original?

    • Jason, I did try to see if this has any effect on Klout score . On one of my test accounts , I increased the followers count to arnd 500. The klout score came out to be 13 . I am not sure if they take the count into account or they base the score on the followers’ influence.

  2. Did not work… got the following error from Java script console on chrome:
    SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL

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  4. just a tip:
    you’re also following all the people in the suggestion box below (that pops up when you follow someone).
    executing the script i randomly followed 200 people.
    fixed it for me

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  6. IMHO; It seems it doesn’t update the database. You just update the cache, that’s why it tooks 2 3 hours to get the original template back. Everytime you click to follow button; it changes the value, updates the view and caches. So you make the cache save a wrong template result and see that.

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